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Infosys stands at the forefront of the global arena in pioneering cutting-edge digital services and consultancy. We empower clients across 46 nations to successfully navigate the intricacies of their digital transformation.

With a wealth of experience spanning more than three decades in overseeing the intricate workings of international enterprises, we adeptly guide our clients on their digital evolution journey. We achieve this by equipping organizations with a core powered by artificial intelligence, facilitating the prioritization of transformation initiatives. Moreover, we provide enterprises with a flexible, large-scale digital framework, delivering unparalleled levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our unwavering commitment to continuous learning fosters ongoing enhancement by nurturing and sharing digital competencies, insights, and innovations from our dynamic innovation network.

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The role of a Systems Engineer at Infosys encompasses a range of responsibilities, including the development, testing, implementation, warranty, and ongoing support of software programs. These professionals engage with clients to grasp their requirements, define technical specifications, and deliver the required functionalities. They play a crucial part in executing software development life cycle (SDLC) activities and collaborate with project managers, engineering teams, and management to ensure the delivery of high-quality software.

For success in the position of Systems Engineer at Infosys, individuals should possess:

  1. Proficiency in utilizing software engineering methodologies to build projects.
  2. Competency in at least one programming language, such as C, C++, or Python.
  3. Familiarity with operating systems and database management.
  4. The ability to produce software in accordance with specifications and construct comprehensive test cases to ensure optimal results.

The Infosys Systems Engineer interview process typically involves 2-3 rounds. The initial stage is the InfyTQ test, comprising two mandatory phases – the qualifying round and the final round, along with an optional round known as the advantage round. The second phase involves a technical interview, followed by the third and final round, which is the HR interview.

InfyTQ Test Overview

The initial stage of the Infosys Systems Engineer interview process is the InfyTQ test, which comprises three rounds: the Qualifying Round, the Final Round, and an optional Advantage Round.

Qualifying Round:
In this phase, candidates will be assessed on several topics, including aptitude, database management, SQL fundamentals, programming skills, and object-oriented programming (OOPs). A total of 40 multiple-choice questions must be completed within a 60-minute time frame. The question distribution is as follows: 20 questions on Java/Python, 10 questions on database management, and 10 questions on aptitude. Each correct answer carries 1 mark, with a penalty of 0.25 marks for incorrect responses.

Final Round:
Upon clearing the Qualifying Round, candidates proceed to the Infosys Certification exam. This 3-hour interview evaluates the same topics through a combination of hands-on and multiple-choice questions. The pattern includes 2 hands-on Java/Python questions, 10 multiple-choice questions in Java/Python, and 10 multiple-choice questions on database management. There is no negative marking in this round, and a minimum score of 65% is required to advance to the subsequent technical and behavioral rounds for the Systems Engineer position.

Advantage Round:
The Advantage Round is an optional phase that also assesses the same topics but with a higher clearance threshold. This round spans 3 hours and includes programming questions of varying complexity. Successful candidates in this round have the opportunity to secure a job as a Power Programmer or Systems Engineer Specialist. Interviews for these roles evaluate both technical and behavioral skills.

Note: Candidates must select their preferred programming language (Java or Python) during the application process, and this choice cannot be changed later.

Technical Phone Screen Overview:
The second phase of the Infosys Systems Engineer interview process is the technical phone screen. This round covers subjects such as software engineering, SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), operating systems, database management, SQL, OOPs, basic coding skills in Java/C++, and fundamentals of data structures. Candidates may also be presented with pseudo-code and expected to deduce the output. Additionally, technical questions related to their resume and project experiences might be posed.

HR Round Overview:
The HR Round is the concluding stage of the Infosys Systems Engineer interview process, and its occurrence depends on the recruiter’s discretion. During this round, candidates can expect general behavioral questions and scenario-based inquiries. They may also be asked to elaborate on relevant experiences listed in their resumes.

The average base pay for an Infosys Systems Engineer is approximately Rs 4,00,000, with additional benefits. Senior Systems Engineers earn around Rs 4,50,000, while Specialist Systems Engineers receive approximately Rs 5,00,000. Technology Analysts earn Rs 7,00,000, and Power Programmers earn around Rs 8,20,000. The average salary for a Technical Lead is Rs 10,90,000.

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