Top 30 Companies That Hire for Remote Jobs

Remote Jobs opportunities, often referred to as “work-from-anywhere” jobs, empower individuals to shape their careers without geographical constraints. The flexibility to work from any corner of the world not only provides unparalleled location independence but also fosters a sense of freedom.

For those aspiring to integrate their professional life with their preferred lifestyle, understanding the landscape of remote jobs is crucial. Here’s a comprehensive guide to work-from-anywhere roles, including insights on where to discover these opportunities.


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Rising Popularity and Competition:
With 54% identifying as “anywhere workers,” the demand for work-from-anywhere jobs is soaring. However, only 5% of remote positions fall under this category, intensifying the competition for these coveted roles.

To assist job seekers in navigating this landscape, we’ve compiled a list of the top 30 companies that heavily posted work-from-anywhere jobs between January 1, 2023, and April 15, 2023. Criteria for inclusion were fully remote roles with no location restrictions, offering either full-time or part-time flexibility.

Top 30 Companies for Work-From-Anywhere Jobs:
Ranked by the volume of job postings, the following companies, including longstanding contributors marked with an asterisk (*), present abundant opportunities. Click on the companies to explore their current openings:

  1. FluentU*
  2. Finixio
  3. Magic Media & Entertainment Group
  4. Cash App
  6. Kwalee
  7. Oyster HR
  8. Outliant*
  9. Invisible Technologies
  10. Hypixel Studios
  11. Verra
  12. Codeless
  13. Yodo1*
  14. DuckDuckGo
  15. Kraken
  16. Wikimedia Foundation*
  17. Carry1st
  18. AstroPay
  19. Chainlink Labs*
  20. Bitso
  21. Status Research & Development
  22. Xapo Bank
  23. Formstack
  24. Metabase
  25. Clipboard Health*
  26. Prisma Labs
  27. Mavan, Inc.
  28. Fathom Radiant
  29. Counterplay Games
  30. LeadSimple

For a comprehensive company guide, explore more organizations offering work-from-anywhere jobs!

Thriving Industries:
Prominent industries posting work-from-anywhere jobs include Marketing, Writing, Online Content, Computer & IT, Software Development, Graphic Design, Entertainment & Media, Online Marketing, Bilingual roles, and Gaming. While Marketing, Writing, and Online Content lead, the first part of 2023 witnessed substantial growth in Gaming, Entertainment, and Media sectors.

Explore diverse industries providing work-from-anywhere opportunities here!

Popular Job Titles:
The most sought-after job titles in this domain encompass Chinese Translator, Copywriter, Creative Director, Customer Success Manager, Product Designer, Product Manager, Social Media Manager, Software Engineer, Technical Writer, and UX Designer. Notably, there’s a heightened demand for Work-from-Anywhere Product Managers, Product Designers, and Chinese Translators.

Discover more trending job titles in the work-from-anywhere landscape!

Key Considerations for Aspiring Anywhere Workers:

  1. Self-Reflection:
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of a digital nomad lifestyle.
  • Identify necessary remote work skills and assess your proficiency.
  • Determine your budget for travel expenses.
  • Pinpoint preferred travel destinations.
  • Gauge employer support for digital nomad arrangements.
  1. Budgeting Essentials:
  • Prior to embracing a digital nomad lifestyle, meticulously assess expenses.
  • Develop a budget considering rent, accommodation, food, transportation, internet, and other necessities.
  • Whether engaged in full-time employment or freelancing, anticipate additional expenses associated with a nomadic workstyle.
  1. Market Research:
  • Successful work-from-anywhere arrangements hinge on a mutual commitment between employee and employer.
  • Rely on trusted resources like FlexJobs for insights into companies supporting this flexible working model.
  1. Location Verification:
  • Not all fully remote jobs are work-from-anywhere roles. Several factors, including legal and tax requirements, licenses and certifications, time zones, and client proximity, may influence location restrictions.
  • Ensure compliance with any legal or certification-related constraints.
  1. Highlighting Skills:
  • Given the rising popularity of work-from-anywhere roles, competition is fierce. Showcase your suitability for the position through:
    • Clearly indicating remote work experience on your resume.
    • Highlighting proficiency with remote tools in a “Technology” section.

Explore the Freedom of Work Where You Want:

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Whether you aspire to be a digital nomad, a full-time over, or simply desire the flexibility to relocate at will, a work-from-anywhere job opens doors to align your career with your life’s adventures.

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