Types of Remote Side jobs

There has never been a more opportune time to discover a side hustle. With the proliferation of technology, your options are not limited to opportunities within your local area. Engaging in a flexible side hustle that you can pursue from your home office eliminates commuting costs and optimizes your time and income.

Consider some of the following possibilities:

Freelance Work:

Many individuals find success in the world of freelancing. Freelance work offers a means to earn extra income while retaining control and flexibility over your work schedule. You have the autonomy to select projects, determine your level of commitment, and decide when you work. The field of freelance work is diverse, encompassing roles such as writing, editing, web design, and data entry.

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Gig-Based Work:

Gig work, such as driving for a rideshare service, dog walking, or grocery delivery, can be conveniently scheduled around your existing commitments. These side hustles typically require no special training or prior experience. If you have a particular passion or skill, you can begin tutoring online or locally, or even rekindle your interest in photography. The opportunities are virtually limitless.

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Online Flexible Jobs:

Remote professionals are finding success in flexible contract roles. You can offer services as a bookkeeper, a social media manager, or a virtual assistant. While flexible work options may require a minimum number of hours per week or month, you have the freedom to choose when to complete those hours.

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How to Discover the Right Side Hustle for You

If a side hustle appears to be a fitting option for you, there are several considerations to address before embarking on your search. Similar to a conventional job search, identifying the most suitable side hustle should involve a combination of planning and research. Define your objectives, assess your skills and available time, and then use this information to identify the ideal side hustle.

Establish Your Side Hustle Goals:

Prior to initiating your search, establish your objectives for engaging in a side hustle. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Is my primary goal to generate extra income?
  • If so, do I have a specific income target in mind?
  • How long do I intend to engage in side hustling?
  • Am I looking to acquire skills that will benefit my career?
  • Do I have a clear understanding of the skills I aim to develop?
  • Are there any additional skills I need to start and grow my side hustle?

Defining your goals will help guide you in selecting the type of side hustle that aligns with your objectives.

Evaluate Your Strengths and Available Time:

Compile a list of your existing skills that can contribute to your success in a side hustle, and consider the hours you can dedicate to side hustling alongside your current job or other responsibilities. This will help you narrow down side hustles that are a good match for your skill set and availability.

If your side hustle falls within your current field, you likely possess many of the necessary skills. However, depending on the specifics of the side hustle, you may also need to acquire additional skills, such as bookkeeping or marketing, if you are managing your own business.

For those pursuing a career change through a side hustle, it’s important to identify your transferable skills to understand which competencies you already possess and which ones you need to acquire. Enrolling in relevant courses may help bridge the skill gap.

Research Different Types of Side Hustles in Your Field:

Once you have potential side hustles in mind, research your competitors. Explore the services they offer and the rates they charge. Gaining insights into similar side hustles in your field will provide a clearer starting point and help you set achievable goals.


Enhance your online presence, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, to make it more relevant to the side hustles you are pursuing. Highlight your accomplishments, transferable skills, and proficiency in relevant technologies. Consider updating your profile picture to align with your side hustle.

Seek Support:

Leverage your personal and professional networks for support as you embark on your side hustle. Your connections may have experience with side jobs and can offer valuable insights, advice, or a supportive ear when you encounter challenges.

Test the Waters:

Before fully committing to a side hustle, particularly in a new field, arrange informational interviews to gain a deeper understanding of the industry and its challenges. These interviews can provide valuable insights and help you prepare for potential obstacles.

Be Alert to Red Flags:

Once you have initiated your side hustle, be vigilant for any warning signs. Clients who resist signing contracts, exhibit challenging behavior, or frequently alter project scopes may not be ideal collaborators. It’s important to maintain a healthy working relationship.

Create a Plan to Discover the Ideal Side Hustle:

With your side hustle goals and available resources in mind, craft a plan to identify the perfect side gig. Use SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) to establish actionable steps, preventing you from aimlessly searching through an overwhelming array of job listings. For example, you could set a goal to research and pitch five freelance bookkeeping roles each week, offering a clear, focused approach to your side hustle pursuit.

Lucrative Side Hustles in 2023 You Can Pursue From Home

The choice of a side hustle ultimately depends on your skills, available time, and objectives. However, certain side gigs typically offer greater earning potential compared to others, often requiring specialized skill sets. Here are a few examples of side hustles that frequently yield higher returns relative to other side gigs:

Freelance Writing Jobs:

Freelance writing income varies widely, influenced by factors such as the industry, experience, and skill level. Freelance writers may charge by the hour or per assignment, and demand for specialized writing, such as technical, medical, or legal content, can command significantly higher rates compared to other niches. With dedication and a commitment to building a portfolio, freelance writing has the potential to be a lucrative side gig.

Graphic Design Jobs:

Professionals with a keen eye for design and graphic skills can excel in graphic design side hustles. Rates can fluctuate based on project complexity and skill level, but the average hourly rate is approximately $45.

Social Media Management Jobs:

The modern business landscape requires a strong social media presence, but not all companies necessitate a full-time social media manager. With scheduling tools, you can fulfill your social media management duties on your terms. By specializing in paid advertising or specific social media platforms, you can command even higher rates. The reported average pay for a social media manager exceeds $25 per hour.

Video Editing Jobs:

Content creators and multimedia professionals can significantly boost their income with video editing side hustles. Proficiency in video editing, audio production, color correction, or sound design can yield impressive earnings. Rates depend on project complexity but typically average around $50 per hour.

Web Design Jobs:

Web design side hustles can be highly lucrative and serve as an excellent platform for portfolio development if you’re contemplating a career change. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes that web developer salaries vary widely, spanning from $18 to $60 per hour. Your income will be influenced by factors like your experience, the quality of your work, and the time invested.

Launching Your Side Hustle

By thoroughly researching side hustle opportunities, assessing your skills, and developing a well-structured action plan, you can determine if a side hustle is the right choice for you and discover the ideal side gig that aligns with your objectives. With commitment and hard work, side hustling has the potential to enhance your income, expand your skill set, and provide invaluable experience in a new field.

Irrespective of the side hustle you select, dedication is the key to success. This entails managing your side hustle with the same level of care and attention you would dedicate to a full-time job or business. Establish separate accounts for side hustle income and expen

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