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The genesis of our story unfolds with the introduction of a lone protagonist. It was in the year 1954 that Ray Kroc chanced upon a diminutive burger haven nestled in California, thus laying the cornerstone of our historical journey. Commencing as an unassuming culinary establishment, our trajectory has been marked by a remarkable evolution, propelling us to the forefront as a leading global food service brand. Presently, our footprint spans beyond 36,000 eateries, gracing the landscapes of over 100 countries around the world. McDonald’s

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About McDonald’s

McDonald’s Corporation, a global giant in the fast-food industry, stands as one of the largest and most renowned chains worldwide. Its fame is attributed to signature items like hamburgers, french fries, and branded sandwiches such as the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, and Egg McMuffin, not to mention its popular child-oriented Happy Meal.

Headquartered in Chicago, McDonald’s boasts an unparalleled success story in the annals of marketing. Emerging from its humble origins as a drive-in restaurant in the 1940s, the company has navigated through various transformative epochs characterized by groundbreaking innovations, significant milestones, and occasional periods of public scrutiny.

Business structure and charitable work

McDonald’s, renowned as a fast-food icon, holds a distinctive business structure—it’s not merely a culinary giant but also a substantial real estate entity. The company possesses or secures long-term leases for the land and structures of each franchised establishment. Franchisees, in turn, cover expenses for equipment, signage, seating, and decor. McDonald’s Corporation’s revenue stream encompasses rent, royalties, and fees from franchisees, coupled with sales from company-operated restaurants. As one of the globe’s premier private employers, it boasts a workforce exceeding 150,000 within the company and an additional 2,000,000 individuals across franchised locations.

Beyond its corporate endeavors, McDonald’s has made notable strides in philanthropy. The inaugural Ronald McDonald House, established in 1974, offered solace to families with children undergoing cancer treatment near hospitals. This compassionate initiative burgeoned, with over 360 such houses globally by the early 21st century. The Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) officially formed in 1987. In 2022, the generosity of McDonald’s patrons and franchisees reached remarkable heights, contributing over $182 million to RMHC, facilitating 2.2 million overnight stays worldwide. McDonald’s Corporation, committed to social responsibility, added $20 million to RMHC in 2022 as part of a broader $100 million commitment.

McDonald’s extends its philanthropic reach beyond RMHC, annually contributing millions to international relief initiatives and local nonprofits. The company also allocates substantial funds for community grants, scholarships, and, notably in 2022, dispersed over $20 million in tuition assistance through the Archways to Opportunity program.

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