Zara Unveils Styles Inspired by Harry Styles in New Collection

Range by Harry Styles’ stylist

Renowned for defying conventional notions of masculinity, Harry Lambert, the stylist behind Harry Styles’ daring fashion choices, is set to launch a 60-piece collection for Zara, marking a shift towards a more inclusive and expressive high street. Lambert’s distinctive style, blending neon suits with delicate pearl necklaces, draws inspiration from icons like Prince and Mick Jagger, yet he sees it as part of a new era.

The 36-year-old, hailing from Norwich and with clients like Emma Corrin and Eddie Redmayne, describes the collection as a bit self-indulgent, featuring retro-inspired designs and whimsical cartoon prints, such as a large bunny in a green hat. The pieces, encompassing an espresso two-piece suit, minty green cropped trousers, and a chic chocolate-brown suede jacket, reflect Lambert’s personal quest for unique fashion items.

Estimate Price of Harry coded Zara

Fans of Harry Styles are already buzzing on social media, deeming the collection “heavily Harry coded.” The line includes items like £25.99 diamante chokers and a £59.99 rainbow-striped jumper with a matching scarf, reminiscent of the JW Anderson patchwork knit cardigan that Styles popularized on TikTok.

A notable aspect of Lambert’s collection is its inclusivity, with imagery featuring transgender models. Moreover, the 60 pieces will be available in both the menswear and womenswear sections, a groundbreaking move for Zara. Lambert emphasizes that the collection is for everyone, marking a simple yet significant step.

A Vintage-Inspired Zara Collection

This collaboration with a fast fashion giant may seem unexpected for Lambert, known for his vintage affinity. However, sustainability was a key concern for him, and Zara’s parent company, Inditex, highlights the collection as its most sustainable, utilizing recycled materials like wool and polyester. Lambert’s focus on longevity and disdain for disposable fashion align with his efforts to incorporate details from luxury brands, ensuring quality and discouraging trends.

Zara’s partnership with Lambert suggests a broader mainstream desire for the boundary-pushing style he has cultivated with Styles. Challenging traditional masculinity has already left its mark on the red carpet, exemplified by instances like Brad Pitt donning a skirt. The initiation of the “pearlification” of the high street underscores the growing influence of Lambert’s paradigm-shifting aesthetic. Lambert welcomes the idea of people emulating or finding inspiration in his work, considering it the ultimate compliment when someone embraces the Harry Styles look.

Harry Lambert is acutely mindful of the inherent issues in mainstream fashion, particularly the environmental impact of industry overproduction. “Ensuring responsibility was crucial for me,” he emphasizes. In crafting the Cutie Chaos collection, consisting of around 60 pieces, Lambert prioritized the use of eco-friendly materials, predominantly opting for lower-impact fibers and recycled raw materials like wool, polyester, nylon, and cotton.

Lambert’s attention to detail extended to the finishes of the garments, a departure from the norm in typical high-street collections. He ensured that all buttons were covered, emphasizing a level of quality rarely associated with mass-produced fashion. Lambert’s goal was to create pieces of such exceptional quality that individuals would either cherish them indefinitely or find value in reselling them.

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